Volunteers Experiences

Jan Gajewski (AUG ´18 - AUG ´19)

About Me:

My name is Jan Gajewksi. I am 18 years old and I come from Pulheim, Germany. I have just finished my high school level. I am going to volunteer from August 2018 until August 2019. After supporting the St. Francis and Clare School project, I begin to study mechanical engineering in chemistry. My hobbies are playing basketball and doing other sportive activities. Also, I am a scout and like working with kids. When I was in school, I loved spending my holidays coaching children in our local holiday camps, either at our sport camps or at our youth center.


My Project:

In the beginning of my final school year in 2017 I decided to spend a year abroad after finishing school. Participating in a social and sustainable project in Africa was my personal goal. While I was searching for a project I could engage myself best, I met Uwe Bothur. Since he told me that Loice Kashangura is going to build a school in Lusaka I have wanted to be a part of this amazing project. In doing so, I started organizing my year abroad by myself. Furthermore, I have raised a lot of money to finance me throughout the year. I have received great support of my local community as well as many other people. Due to them I am now able to realize my plans. Moreover, I could raise funds for St. Francis and Clare secondary school. For now I am able to spend it on material which is needed.


My Tasks:

As St. Francis and Clare is going to open in January 2019, I will be responsible for the updating of its website. After the opening, I am going to teach the subject IT for grade 8 and 9. In addition to that, I am already teaching IT for grade 8 and 9 at St. John’s School and mathematics for grade 9 in St. Paul’s Primary School. Besides, I have to function as Sr. Loice’s overall helping hand.


Appeal to future volunteers:

I was able to organize my stay here on my own, therefore it should be no big deal for you to get involved as well! Get into contact with me to get further information. Being a part of this project is more and more turning out to be the best decision I have made so far. Get engaged, support the school and give us your time!





Nina Seibert (JAN ´19 - MAR ´19)

About Me:

My name is Nina Seibert, I am 21 years old and stay in Cologne, Germany. After finishing high school in 2015 I did a one year weltwärts volunteer service in Livingstone, Zambia and fell in love with this country. Right now I am studying Sportmanagement in Cologne. My 5th semester I took as a leave-semester. After doing an internship I still had three month remaining and I decided to come to Zambia again and work together with the Franciscan Missionary Sisters.


My Project:

I am doing a three month volunteering service from January to March 2019. My project is organized and planned by myself, but I managed to get financial support for my stay through the programme "konkreter Friedensdienst" from the German organization Engagement Global.

My Tasks:

I am supporting the Franciscan Missionary Sisters especially in terms of administrative tasks. This includes for example updating the website, drafting some project applications for future projects or developing of structures for new volunteers.
I work every day from St. Francis and Clare Secondary School. As I am also a passionate sports person I joined the sport sessions at school and support especially with the preparation of the pupils for athletics competition.


Appeal to future volunteers:

Try to be as much as possible in contact with the local community- That is the way you are having the best experiences and deepest views into the zambian culture. See learnful lessons in every situation, doesn’t matter if it is a good or bad experience. Some things might be very different in Zambian related to how you know things from home. Be respectful, be kind, be open minded, change the point of view, learn and try to understand the background why certain things are the way they are.




Ashley Stevens (AUG ´18 - OCT ´18)

About Me:

My name is Ashley Stevens. I am 22 years old and I come from Karlsruhe, Germany. At home I live together with my mother, my stepfather and (at least for now) my younger sister. In winter 2016 I began studying at university Koblenz-Landau (Campus Landau), as  I want to become a teacher for secondary school. In my free time I love to do sports, to read books and to be surrounded by friends. Also, I spend a lot of time at the stable and give extra lessons for English and German.


My Project: 

I joined the project in August. Jan and me actually arrived at the same date, as we traveled together. We arranged to meet at the airport in Duesseldorf and to take the same plane to Lusaka. For the both of us, it was the first time to leave Europe and to come to Africa. The major difference between us: I will not stay for as long as he will. My flight home is already booked. My plane takes off at evening on the 28th of October. Why so early? Well, university is calling.


My Tasks:  

They cover a wide range, e.g:  teaching and supporting St. John’s School, St. Paul’s School, and the pre-school at the parish; contributing to the St. Francis and Clare project (with special focus on the website).


My Conclusion: 

Apart from the work, I have a great time with the sisters and the people living here. Also, I am enjoying to be with my host family. So if you are motivated to become personally engaged in a sustainable project while experiencing a whole different culture, this is your chance. As for now, I don’t regret a single moment!


Roman Sölter (March ´18 - May ´18)

About me:

My name is Roman Sölter and I am a graduated business student and I am 24 years old. Originally, I come from Karlsruhe (Germany). My hobbies are doing sports, meeting friends and reading.

 I have been a volunteer from March to May 2018.


My tasks:

Teaching IT at St. John’s and St. Paul’s, supporting the St. Francis and Clare’s project with financial administration and reporting as well as public relations,
Supporting the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa in various other tasks (organisation, IT, etc.)

My Motivation:

 I wanted to experience life at a very different place and get in touch with people from a different cultural background.
I wanted to experience the African continent and support development there.

What I have learned:

 To cope with cultural differences in a social and a professional setting
To relax and not to be too stiff with regard to time and appointments
 Various skills, e.g. teaching large classes of 50+ children, laying bricks or setting up a website

Why should others use the opportunity:

 To expand your horizon and make an experience you will always remember
To develop on a personal level and make new friends far away from home