Official Opening Ceremony

The official opening of our beautiful school has finally come! Starting in 2017, it took Sr. Loice Kashangura only one and a half year to build the school and declare her biggest project as ready to be opened. 


The 23rd of April was a historical moment in the history of St. Francis and Clare Secondary School. One can see the love, passion and hard work which went into this school. With a great opening ceremony, we celebrated this big moment with every stakeholder who made this possible.Thanks to our great staff team and the planning of our management agency, we held a ceremony which was worth the name of St. Francis and Clare.



After Easter, the start of something precious begun. The rising school of St. Francis and Clare is now giving shelter to every student who is willing to learn in a comfortable environment. 

Filled with about 600 guests, the ceremony started at 10:00 Hours with mass in our big courtyard. Our main celebrant, the Vicar General of Lusaka Arch-diocese, Father Solomon Tembo gave us a beautiful and joyous mass. He was accompanied by priests who were always supporting us along our way. After mass, Fr. Solomon proceeded to bless the newly opened School. 

He was accompanied by the choir who were singing and dancing. Furthermore, the ceremony proceeded with a symbolic tree-planting exercise, behind the school. Special guests, sponsors and institutions planted avocado and papaya trees next to the sports ground. What a great sign to leave a footprint that lasts long. 

After these activities, everyone gathered in the courtyard again. Ushered by Sr. Rode Nakku from the FMSA; sponsors, ministers, and ambassadors gave their speeches of thanks. Speeches and remarks were given by stakeholders like the FMSA Superior, the Minister of General Education, the Minister of Lands and of course Sr. Loice Kashangura.  The whole ceremony was perforated by brief entertainments by our students and the students from Emmreg School giving the audienc ea good mixture of entertainment. 

The Highlight of the whole event was the unveiling of the plague. Led by our Minister of General Education - Hon. David Mabumba, the Minister of Lands - Hon. Jean Kapata the head of German Development Cooperation - Mr. Christoph Ritz and the Irish Ambassador – His Excellency Mr Seamus O’Grady, the unveiling of the plague took place. After this, our guests were invited to eat lunch and chat with each other.

Indeed it was a successful day. Thus, we want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to St. Francis and Clare Secondary School. We are now a step forward to our vision of quality education for our students. Therefore, we are looking forward to filling the school up to the full capacity of 750 students in the upcoming school years. As the secondary school construction is finished, our focus will be on expanding Constructions for learners in Terms of Home economic rooms and an examination hall. 

Special thanks to:

  • Vicar General Archdiocese of Lusaka, Fr. Solomon
  • Minister of General Education, hon. David Mabumba
  • Minister of Lands, hon. Jean Kapata
  • Irish Ambassador, excl. Seamus O'Grady
  • Zimbabwean Ambassador, excl. Mrs. Takawira
  • German Embassy, Head of Development Cooperation, Christoph Ritz
  • Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa
  • Missionszentrale der Franziskaner (MZF), Bro. Mathias and Barbara Schidt-Eule
  • Johannes Beese Stiftung, Dr. Klein and Angelina
  • Umckaloabo Stiftung, Board Members and Family
  • Touch Ireland, Seamus Gleeson and Pauline McHugh
  • Manos Unidas
  • St. Francis and Clare Secondary School, Principals, members of staff, workers and students
  • Friends of FMSA

As well as everyone who was not participating.