There are many ways to support and engage you into our Team. Although we always strive for perfection, we are well aware of the fact that there are still things that can be handled differently and that can be improved. Therefore, we would be most grateful for your ideas in order to optimize the impact of St. Francis and Clare's. That’s why we set up a structure for people who want to participate in many different ways. We appreciate all kind of support, thus, everything is very welcome which could bring us towards our common goals. 


" Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing."


- Rollo May

Therefore we encourage everyone to feel free to contact us to inform us about anything we could offer or improve! If you have an idea or something on hand as an individual, organization, company or foundation, the first step is to get in touch with us. The second step is to discuss the realization of your idea according to our needs and the feasibility. After clarifying our common goals, we shall make our dreams become true!


Manpower Support

Engage your skills or specialization into our projects. You could support us in terms of it skills on the website. A support from a distance is most likely only possible in ways of computer work. Social media support is also a big deal.  Even your presence directly on site would help us, if you are specialized in something like construction, sustainable work or other practical things.

Example: The School Logo was designed and offered by a professional from Germany.

Material Support

Equipment for the school is needed every time. Thereby you can improve the standard directly. Most necessary are likely books, science material or electronically devices like computer or projectors.


If you can offer us such material but you do not know how you can take them to Zambia – contact us! Many people are willing to take material on their luggage, as we receive lots of visitors especially from Europe.

Example: we received a container from Ireland with many second-hand things like books, clothes and furniture from a community.

Co-operative work and Programs

Through our international partnerships we were benefiting a lot. To strengthen partnerships we are open for any Co-operations which improve the standard and intercultural exchange of all school participants. Sustainability-, intercultural- or other extracurricular-programs are mostly welcome!

Example: Intercultural exchange program with a German school between our students.