BEGINNING of term two, 2019 academic year

The morning of 13th May 2019, saw the reopening of schools after the April-May Learners’ Holidays in Zambia. Our lovely school – St. Francis and Clare secondary school was not left out. Our pupils turned up on this chilly morning, to attend the first assembly where they were addressed by Mr. Sakala the Head Teacher. Also in attendance during assemble was the Vice Head Teacher and the teaching staff. The opening day Assembly started with a prayer from one of the pupils. This was followed by some announcements. The Head Teacher highlighted the importance of this term emphasizing the need to work hard and encouraged the pupils to take it very seriously as it is the most active term in a year for learning. He also reminded the pupils on the significance of time management to avoid missing out on the lessons. Apart from that the pupils also received the message on the need to keep the school environment clean and take responsibility for any dirt or litter around. This is in line with the concept of the school to participate in keeping our environment clean.

The Head Teacher also took this opportunity to introduce three student teachers who have joined the school. The three student teachers are:Miss Elimas Miti, from David Livingstone College of Education (DALISE) – Livingstone, Mr. Mvula Zotele from the Technical and Vocational Teacher’s College (TVTC) – Luanshya and Mr. Luena Biness from Mufulira College of Education (MUCE) – Mufulira. Miss Miti has joined the science department and will be teaching integrated science while Mr. Mvula has joined the science and Mathematics Department and will be teaching Mathematics and Chemistry while Mr. Luena has joined the Mathematics Department as a Mathematics teacher. The three student teachers will be with us for this term and we are glad to welcome them with a deep sense of gratitude. We wish them a very grace filled teaching practice experience here at St. Francis and Clare Secondary School. The school also welcomes a new member of staff, Mrs. Mwango, who is a Counselling and Guidance specialist.Other new arrivals on day one of the term are four new pupils, who joined the school on transfer.

Immediately, after the assembly the pupils went into their classrooms and around 07:40 hours classes began. This confirmed the words of the Head Teacher during the assembly on the seriousness of this term.
Practically, there is no time to waste. Some days before reopening, teachers had their Teaching files checked by the Vice Head Teacher to ensure that each teacher was prepared to start teaching on the first day of this term. This is a good start indeed because preparation is a key to success. This term has many expectations. Both the teaching staff and pupils have a greater task of putting in a lot of effort to improve in all the activities. These include, Science Quiz, debates and inter-school ball games.A week before school reopened the Head Teacher with his vice and all the teaching staff, held a meeting in preparation for this term. All in all, we can say we are set to work and we hope and pray that all will go well. Last term we were blessed with a good atmosphere for learning and most of the programmes were well coordinated.


We are grateful to God for the teaching staff, the management agency and indeed all our learners. We wish all a happy and blessed term as we strive to achieve academic and moral excellence.


May God grant us enough strength to reach our goals this term!