BY SUSAN VIYELA, (12B)-The Student Press Club President.

On Wednesday 1st of February 2023. The school held the Mass Celebration whose many theme was “At St Francis and Clare, Be Focused and Disciplined”. The Mass was conducted in the school Hall at 11:50hrs.

In attendance were all leaners and members of staff inclusive of the principle himself, Mr. Sakala. The first reading and its responsorial Psalm was conducted by Susan Viyela and Grace Militu respectively.

During the Mass, Father Phiri of St. Joseph Parish of Ngwerere Compound. A very eloquent speaker and shy as he ironically put it, shared a very interesting inspiring word of God. In his sermon he stated, “Being over familiar with someone or something brings about disrespect and veils us from seeing each other’s abilities as they are.'' Fr. Phiri continued stating that even the Israelites became so over familiar with Jesus that they failed to recognise him as their Saviour. He advised everyone in attendance to guard against the desire to over familiarise themselves with those in authority.

He concluded by introducing a subject he called 'SITTING'. He brought forth a chair he called a SEAT that carried the symbol for discipline and focus that give birth to right knowledge and attitude. “If you create time to sit down on the chair and study, you are guaranteed to secure your perfect results.” He stated. He ended by urging everyone to be determined in order to accomplish their goals.

The Mass ended Final Mass Blessings, and everyone returned to their various responsibilities.



art class

"Life to the Fullest", is the School Motto. The learners receive other skills besides the academic. Here are the works of the Art-Class.

friends of nature club

Friends of Nature club taking care of the School Orchard.

They do this on Thursday, a day of extracurricular activities.



Scouting is about learning new skills and trying new things. It's also about making new friends and having fun and adventures. Together they explore the world, help others and make a difference in their own community and beyond. Anyone can join the Scouts and attend the meetings on Thursdays. 


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The Press Club is the most recently founded club in which students from all grades can participate. They look for the latest happenings at the school and publish them in exciting and informative articles on this website. Like all clubs, they meet once a week to plan their next steps and align content. If you are interested in these articles, you will soon find them under "Latest News".

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friends of nature

The Friends of Nature is the club of students across all grades. Its main objective is to keep the environment clean and green. This is done by picking liter and raise awareness within the school and the community, on the importance of planting trees and taking care of mother earth. Further, the club has a responsibility of taking care of the school orchard.