The first official meeting in the headmaster's office

It is the 12th of October 2018 at St. Francis and Clare. On this very special day in the early afternoon a group of 5 people has come together in the headmaster's office. It is the first official meeting being arranged and taking place there. Clearly, not even the oppressive heat of October could diminish the value of this very moment.

All of the people present have taken a seat around the headmaster's desk. Opposite Emmade Sakala, there is Mary Kapesa sitting. Also Loice Kashangura is participating the meeting. She is accompanied by the German volunteers Jan Gajewski and Ashley Stevens. At the same time outside the room, there are still multiple motivated construction workers busy at the site. 

The reason for the getting together is an official round of introduction, whereby especially the words of Mary Kapesa are followed with major interest. 

We want to use the chance to give her another warm welcome: Mary Kapesa, we are most glad to announce you as deputy head of St. Francis and Clare. With your personality and competence you will surely not only enrich our work on a professional, but also on an individual level. We are convinced that you are the right person to fulfil another leading role in our project's development.

Also Mary Kapesa herself seems to be excited for the upcoming collaboration. "St. Francis has underwent a big change since my last visit. At that time only the grounding had been set. And now there is this huge complex built on top. Really impressive" Mary Kapesa announces. 


This meeting can be regarded as another important milestone towards the final opening of the school. Loice Kashangura, Mary Kapesa, and Emmade Sakala seem to be more than ready to let their upcoming collaboration become a story of further success for St. Francis and Clare.