Carnival in Lusaka

With the Motto “Monday is Fun-Day“, we brought a trans-cultural event into the St. Francis and Clare School. In line with the “Cologne Carnival” on Rosemonday (Rosenmontag) we celebrated the German traditional feast. This traditional event takes place between Fat Thursday and Ash Wednesday in order to celebrate the last days before fasting up to Easter. To hallow our intercultural exchange and to partnership with a lot of German partners, we introduced a totally different school event for everyone. Everyone was supposed to wear something funny and abnormal, while lessons taking place regularly.

Since this kind of an event is very abnormal for a school event here, the expectations were not too high. No one did such an event before, and it is probably not held in any other school in Zambia. But, the creativity of the children is brilliant. With the only advise to wear:

  • White/Red (colours of Cologne)
  • Funny Clothing
  • Costumes (e.g. hero, animal, jobs etc.)
  • No Casual Attire or Uniforms!


The only rules were set. The results are more than satisfying most important: FUNNY!

With a clear blue sky and lots of funny dressings, one could feel the excitement in the morning. During assembly time the pupils where cheering, clapping and laughing for the craziest and funniest costumes. Especially the teachers were a highlight with their crazy attire.

Even our Franciscan Sisters, the whole Management and member of staff were dressed appropriate to the “Karneval”. Seeing elders and betters dressing in very funny clothes filled every child with joy!



How can it not be fulfilling to see a Sister dressed up with make up?

At the end of the Carnival celebration was the big highlight of the whole day. In order to give credits to the best attire, a Catwalk of creative costumes were hold, to present the best and funniest Costume. To perfect everything, the celebration came along with some Zambian and Pop music. Everyone was dancing, having fun and enjoying the last two lessons, which were given free. To top up the day, according to our custom of the cologne carnival we bought some lollipops to let it rain candy. 

All in all, it built up a very good unity for everyone in the school, because learning and school life is not always black and white. Once more, the whole school showed their interest in other cultures and the acceptance of new things. Thus, St. Francis and Clare is not a normal school. Our mindset is different and makes difference to our students. Having fun and joy with such events makes a huge difference to the life’s in this surrounding. 



We live “ Life to the Fullest”.