The final touches to be opened

About one year ago, the St. Francis and Clare was just marked with a fence surrounding a empty and dusty grounding. But what has changed is not a joke. A huge building no one could have ever imagined. Moreover, it is now official to be opened in January the 14th.


After an inspection from the ministry on the 5th of December one can say that the school is ready to be opened! Critical eyes viewed in every corner of the big building and just found very minor things; for example the height of the shower head must be 2 meters high according to the regulations. Nothing really which holds the school back from opening. 

What to expect in January:

·         User-friendly access to every room ( extra user-friendly toilette)

·         Complete first floor for ca. 300 students

·         Complete equipped computer lab

·         Extra strong furniture in every classroom

·         Books for every subject ( Teacher/Learner)

·         A professional trained Teacher-Team

·         Canteen

·         Happy students!


The success story shall never end, but we still need your help to improve and equip the school so that we can offer the students what they deserve – the best education possible.

Lately we still have a lack of equipment in order to provide enough schoolbooks and science material for the laboratories. To join us and see the latest needs of the school, take a look at:

A shout out to our current supporters


We are more than grateful to receive your support and time, to realize this project. Without your company, the miracle could have been never happened. Thank You!