St. Francis and Clare was only realizable because of a great support from our partners. Without generous donations from our partners, such us organisations, foundations or individuals, we build brick by brick. Within 2 Years of construction, we finished the Building. But still, we strive for high quality education, since the government is not supporting us in material issues then it should be. 


"Become a part of the SFC success-story, for the future of the young generation!"


Breaking the Circle of Poverty

St. Francis and Clare is surrounded by a very poor area. It is one of the highest populated regions in Zambia with a big part of people living under the poverty line of 1.25$ per day. The key to have a brighter future is good education. In order to provide the best education for secondary students. Together, we strive for a better future for children.


Every Penny Counts

We are happy about every donation that we receive, because it enables us the improve on equipment for pupils. Therefore, you can donate for our current projects.

  • Science Material
  • Examination Hall
  • Sports Ground
  • Books
  • Teacher Houses


Your Money in Safe Hands

In Co-operation with the Umckaloabo Foundation you can easily transfer the donation on our Account which is administrated by this NGO. Address the transaction to SFC and mention the purpose of your donation, for example "Books". We guarantee that every  donation will be only used for given purpose. If you have specific wishes to donate to, contact us here.

Our Account

Nangu Thina e.V.
DKM – Darlehnskasse Münster

IBAN: DE56400602650017154700


Reference to: St. Francis and Clare School Lusaka

Message to future donors


With a donation you are actively helping us to strive for high-quality education. We receive each donation with delight and greatest pleasure. Thank you very much for the confidence you place in our project. Also, we will guarantee that all donations will be used as indicated.