Meetings and Briefings

New school - new structures - new people. There is a lot that needed to be done in terms of preparing to have a good foundation in school for a bright future. The first weeks of opening were full with meetings and briefings. Our head teacher, the vice principal as well as the mangers did a great job to help our newcomers to adjust fast and easily in the new environment! 

The students got information about the new system in school, as it is the first time for the grade eights to enter a secondary school. They got introduced to their new subjects such as home economics or computer studies which they didn’t have in Primary school. They also had a briefing about the general school rules and special rules in certain rooms such as the computer room or the library.


The managers also introduced them to our Child Protection Policy (CPP), which everyone is required to sign when it comes to work with children. It is very important that our students are aware of their rights in school as certain practices like beating in school are still normal in many Zambian schools. While the meeting of the CPP briefing, almost everyone raised their hands after asking if beating was allowed in their former schools. This was more than shocking for us and reminded the whole team, that this is a place for children where they can learn in peace without fear. At St. Francis and Clare School we do not accept any kind of abuse and we do everything in our hands to provide a safe environment for all our children.

Also the teachers had some meetings to get to know each other and form a well-working team. Firstly the head teacher introduced them to the new school. He pointed out what he is expecting from the teachers at St. Francis and Clare School and reminded them on certain responsibilities they have when being a teacher. Additional to the general meeting the heads of departments were selected and sat together to agree on certain aspects. We were very lucky, that we have many great teachers with a lot of experience. 

All in all, one can say that after these meetings and briefings everyone in school is well prepared to contribute his part towards fruitful learning at St. Francis and Clare School!