Athletics Inter House Competition


Term one is the Term for Athletics.


Having this in mind our workers team was working hard to prepare the ground for running. The gras was slashed and removed, the digger came to adjust it and the roller made it ready for running.
Also our teachers did their part in dividing the pupils into four houses and started training with them. They selected the strongest runners from their houses to compete against the other selected runners at todays Inter House Competition. The motivation was high to become the best house at St. Francis and Clare Secondary School.



Today, on 22nd February, was Competition day - our first Inter House Athletics Competition at St. Francis and Clare. It was an exiting day, full of passionate runs and thrilling decisions!


Early in the morning we started with the registration, opening prayer, national anthem and opening words from the Vice Principal.
Our races were mostly divided into four groups – under 13 boys and girls and under 17 boys and girls. We did the track disciplines 100m, 200m, 400m, 1500m and 5000m.
It was a joyful atmosphere at the ground. Pupils were cheering, dancing and making noise for their teams, supporting them as best as possible from the sideline.
After finishing the single races, we had a small break and came back for the relays 4x100m and 4x400m. The relays were great fun and we saw some spectacular catch ups. 



After finishing all races we were adding up the collected points . Number one of the Inter House Competition 2019 is Kafue, followed by Zambezi number two, Bangweulu number three and Kariba number four. Congratulations!

We concluded the day with a little award ceremony, closing words and a closing prayer. All in all it was a great day. Everything went quite well at today's competition. We had fair races without any bigger discussions or serious injuries.

Right now we are looking forward to select the strongest runners from the today's results to form a powerful athletics school team. This team will be train hard in the next weeks to get ready for the Inter School Competitions where they will compete against other schools from Lusaka. 

Our todays winner: House Kafue