Visit from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Lands and Area

On the 11th of May 2018 Sr. Loice Kashangura was most happy to welcome several visitors. Despite their tight schedules,  the honourable Mr. Mabumba, Minister of General Education, as well as the highly appreciated  Mr. Kapata, Minister of Lands and Area MP, had come to the site. They stayed  from 07:00 to 09:00 in order to get an impression of the ongoing  construction.  Furthermore, Mr. Ntele, Director for Infrastructure and Chief Engineer, and Fr. Collins Moonga, a friend of the FMSA sisters, were present.  All of the visitors were very happy to follow the progress of the project with their own eyes.  Also, they were glad to hear the fact that the school's opening is going to be in January 2019.

The  installment of St. Francis and  Clare will then grant unlimited access to education for various children. Especially the ones  living in Ngewerere and the surrounding area will profit, as they  will finally  be enabled to visit secondary school near their homes.