A big container from Ireland

We are very happy about the arrival of a huge container from Ireland. It is full of materials and equipment for the school,  such as desks, chairs and teaching materials.  Among clothes and shoes many other useful things, like learning activity games, were included.  The container was sent from Touch Ireland, represented by the couple  of Seamus and Pauline Gleeson, who also attended and supported its opening and unloading. Furthermore, the two were the ones who had informed the FMSA sisters about the possibility to receive this support beforehand. We appreciate their continued support and their contributions. Those are significant for the further development of the school in this needy area.


Further progress of construction

In the meantime the progress of the building site also increases. The first toilets and windows have been installed, all the panels in the upper floor have been set and the roofing has already started. Also, the installment of the science labs has begun and we have started the fettling of the ground floor.