Our Facilities

Our school is a double-story building with 30 rooms in total. One can see it shining bright as there are not many double-story buildings in Ngwerere area. When entering the school ground people get welcomed by a lot of flowers, plants and fresh grass. A lovely decorated round about is situated in the center of the squared school. 


Our classrooms are made for 45 students per class. This number of students is below the average number in Zambia, as some schools are running classes with 60, 80 or even more pupils in one class. The classrooms are painted in bright yellow and they are equipped with brand-new furnishings. Beside the strong desks and chairs, a big chalkboard is used as platform for the teacher in front of the class. In the back of each class, one can find a pin board for important information, such as timetable or the sweeping-plan. A real highlight in every class is the natural light which shines through the many windows in every classroom. The inside of each classroom are equipped and decorated by the individual classes to create a comfortable learning environment.

Science Laboratories

We have three Science rooms used by the subjects Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our Science rooms are another showpiece of our school. Not many schools can afford these rooms and equipment, even if practical exams are scheduled from the Ministry of Education for the final exams. To hold these exams is challenging a lot of schools at the end of the year. To manage final examinations for pupils who never had practical lessons, is one of the difficulties we are trying to avoid.
To have this in mind we are even more thankful about these rooms and looking forward to some interesting and joyful experiments that make learning more visible and fun for the students.


Hence, the need of science material is still a struggle for us. It is very necessary to work practical on natural sciences, because in the normal environment there would be no connection to further information. If you would like to be a supporting partner in terms of natural sciences, we will be very grateful to have you in our team! Click here for more information how you can get involved.

Computer Room

Our computer room has a proud number of 22 computers, which results in a number of two pupils sharing one computer. Most of our students come from a background with no access to computer at all. Introducing them to the subject “Computer Studies” is our responsibility since digitalization is a fundamental movement everywhere. Getting practical experiences is a skill which is urgently needed for many jobs. The students love to have hands on the computer and they learn very fast.
The computer room is extra secured by bars at the door and the windows to keep them safe. To protect the computers from the dust we cover them always after using. A reason why a lot of schools cannot remain with computers is the wrong use and the big amount of dust in the rooms. We gently taking care of the valuable computers by maintaining them with our well trained staff.


Access to books can be a challenge here. Our library is a room to study and to feel at home. It is the heart of our school, because every student has access to a huge amount of knowledge and entertainment. Pupils can come here to do homework, use the schoolbooks or just relax when reading a novel. Most students do not have their own books and it is difficult for them to study at home. When coming home from school they have to help cooking, cleaning or taking care of younger siblings. After these duties there are tired and cannot concentrate for studying.
The library is always supervised by a teacher or librarian. Students have to register when they enter and bags must stay at the front, to prevent losing some books. Even the library is secured by metal bars, because of the valuable books and planned computers which will be implemented into the room of silence.


Apart from classrooms we also have some offices in the school complex. Of course there is a principle, vice principal and staff office. In addition to this we also have departmental offices and meeting rooms in our school to keep things structured. A board room, a counseling room and sick bays providing space for extra needs or meetings. Our management team members have also an office per head. This space creates many possibilities for everyone to have their own convenient workplace. This assures efficient and well organized working. 


In our canteen the pupils, as well as the teachers or workers can buy a warm meal, some snacks and drinks from morning to evening. To provide food is very important as a lot of people do not eat breakfast. Without having our canteen some students or teachers would be hungry in class, which hinders them to learn nicely or some would even go home early. 

Future Plans

Beside our facilities that we already have, we are still continuing to expand the classrooms and other projects. In order to provide enough space for the maximum capacity in 2021, an expansion of classrooms and the Canteen are still needed. 

Other constructions - such as a Examination Hall, sport grounds, a pre-school and a Girls-Boarding school are planned for the future.