End of Term 1



St. Francis and Clare finished the 1. Term of its history successfully. Over 180 students were taught in 6 classes in different subjects. Looking back to the start of our brand new school, not everything was easy as we opened. Though, our great teacher and managing team was giving all their affords towards the benefits of our pupils, despite all challenges. In the beginning, here and there were things missing. Due to administrative issues caused by the ministry of education, teachers were reporting very late to the school – because of transfers from other schools. Even students were coming slowly and we are still not on full capacity yet.



Still, as everyone was settling after our careful introduction with meetings and briefings, nothing was standing in our way to operate as a good structured and well managed school. St. Francis and Clare is different. For instance, no other fresh school would have managed so fast – thanks especially to the detailed planning of Sr. Loice Kashangura, Principle, Vice-Principle and other stakeholders. 




As a Mission School, law and order was obeyed very good – another reason what differentiate us from “normal” schools. Mixed with different activities like sports competitions, Fun-Day and Masses every two weeks, it was a fruitful start for a school. Already in this beginning, we grew together as a family.


In the second last week, pupils were writing end of term tests, with satisfying results.





Followed by a curious last week before the holidays, students were excited to get results and go into the well deserved vacations. The first closing mass was hold on the 10th of April followed by the cleaning day on Thursday the 11th among the closing assembly. The Last day of School in Term one is the “Open School Day” on Friday, the 12th of April. On the last day, parents come with their children to collect results and speak with the teachers about the performance of their children with the teacher. 

Heading to the official opening on the 23rd of April, these will be the first holidays for St. Francis and Clare. After Easter, everyone will come to celebrate our lovely home. We cannot wait to receive our generous partners and friends who made all this possible – for the children!